F That

We are F That. A digital agency born out of a desire to disrupt endless scrolling. We make content designed to make an impact.

We have over a decade of experience working with some of the most successful artists in the world as well as some of the biggest brands including EA Sports, NBC, Deliveroo, Sky, WWF and Comic Relief.

Our collective experience in design, content creation, digital marketing, and PR means we come at everything we do from a unique perspective. Whether you’re looking for a one-off project or a long term retainer, we can create every visual asset you'd need for a cohesive and engaging campaign.

Recent Clients.

What We Do.

Interactive Content.
Instagram Stories Games | Web Browser Games
Instagram/Facebook + Snapchat AR Filters

Music Videos.
Lyric Videos | Visualisers | Illustrated Videos | 360º Videos

Social Media Content.
TikTok/Reels Content | Instagram Stickers | Spotify Canvas Videos
Apple Music Motion Assets | Teasers

Further Content.
Video | 3D | TV Ads | Artwork | Logos | Stop Motion | Photography
Outdoor Advertising Assets | Sizzlereels | Branding | Presentations

Influencer Campaigns.
Management | Research | Content |  Creative

Marketing + DSP Assets.
TV Ads | Outdoor Advertising | Unboxing, 2D + 3D Product and Merch Assets | Animated Tour Posters | Spotify Canvases | Apple Music Motion Assets | Sizzle Reels

AR Filters.
Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Snapchat

Social Media Assets.
Filmed Content | TikTok, Reels + Shorts Content | Instagram Stickers | Bespoke Twitter Emojis | Video Edits

Official Video Content.
Lyric Videos | Visualisers | Animated Music Videos | 360º Videos

Creative + Design.
Artwork | Logo Design | Branding | Stop Motion | Photography

Disruptive + Gamified Content.
Feed Breaker Assets | Instagram Stories Games | Web Browser Games

Influencer Campaigns.
Management | Research | Content | Creative

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